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This document contains guidance on the use of the Wrongful Dismissal Database Online system. If you don't find the answer to your questions here, you can submit your question to CogniLore tech support using the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page.

Help Topics

  • Selecting your search type
  • Performing a search
  • Purchasing a Report Online
  • Logging into the system
  • Viewing and Downloading your report
  • Purchasing subscription access to Wrongful Dismissal Database Online
  • Contacting Support

Selecting your search type

Reports from the Wrongful Dismissal Database Online system can be generated in two manners. The Step-by-Step Report Builder view guides you through each of the options available. The Professional Report Builder view provides all of the available report options in a single presentation, allowing you to quickly make changes to different options and see the impact on the number of results. The source data and the reports that are generated are the same for either option.

You may also toggle back and forth between the different report generation views. In the top right hand of the report options screen a link is presented allowing you to load the alternative view, with all your currently selected report options intact.

Users with subscription access to WDD Online can set their preferred report builder view and skip the selection step, while still preserving the option to toggle from one view to the other.

The Select Report Builder Type page (click to enlarge)

Performing a search

Once you select the type of search you wish to perform, there are five steps to performing a search using Wrongful Dismissal Database Online. The steps available are the same for both report builder types:

Select the jurisdiction(s) that will be included in your search - you can choose any number

Select Jurisdictions - Professional View (click to enlarge)

Select Jurisdictions - Step-by-Step View (click to enlarge)

Select up to three occupational categories to apply to your search, or exclude job categories from being considered by selecting Do not consider Occupation Categories. If you select Do not consider Occupation Categories, you will not be able to select from the Occupation category list.

Select Occupational Categories - Professional View (click to enlarge)

Select Occupational Categories - Step-by-Step View (click to enlarge)

Complete the fields for Age and Years of Service

Key in the employee's age and years of service in the fields provided - WDD Online will automatically provide an age/years range based on your entry.

By default, cases where the age of the employee was not referred to or is not known is checked. The report will reflect the age for these cases as "0". Similarly, cases where special circumstances were considered is also checked by default.

Finally, select the year span you want searched - by default, all years searched. To limit the years to present searched, enter the starting year in the filed provided.

Complete Age and Years of Service Fields - Professional View (click to enlarge)

Complete Age and Years of Service Fields - Step-by-Step View (click to enlarge)

Provide a search title and check the license agreement checkbox

Provide the Title and check the License Agreement - Professional View (click to enlarge)

Provide the Title and check the License Agreement - Step-by-Step View (click to enlarge)

To view your report, either Login if you are subscriber, or continue to Purchase a single report

Once all report fields have been completed, you are presented with the choice to login into the system if you have a subscription (See Viewing and Downloading your Report), or continue to make a onetime purchase of your report via secure credit card transaction (See Making an Online Purchase).

Report Ready - Choose to Login or Purchase - Professional View (click to enlarge)

Report Ready - Choose to Login or Purchase - Step-by-Step View (click to enlarge)

Purchasing a Report Online

To may purchase a single report online via a secure credit card transaction. Your report will be provided as an Adobe PDF document and made available for you to view, download to your local drive, and print for personal use. In addition, copies of any reports you have made remain available to you for a period of 14 days, and can be retrieved at any point over that two week period.

To begin an online purchase, click on the button marked "Purchase" in the Professional Report Builder view or Next on the Step-by-Step Report Builder view when report options screen is displayed. Your browser will load a form to collect your contact information. Your contact information is required in order to allow you to download your reports and to deliver your report receipts. This information is used by the Transaction Processing system to ensure safe, secure credit card processing.

Report Purchase - Providing Your Contact Information - Professional View (click to enlarge)

Report Purchase - Providing Your Contact Information - Step-by-Step View (click to enlarge)

You are now redirected to the Transaction Processing system. This secured credit card processing system uses a high level of encryption and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to create an encrypted connection to your system. When you access this system, you will know you are connecting to the secured server by the appearance of a lock or a key in the status area of your browser.

To complete your purchase of your report, enter the information requested in the fields provided and click on continue.

The CIS Transaction Processor Payment Information Form (click to enlarge)

The site will attempt to process your transaction using the information provided. Once the transaction is processed, a purchase receipt will be displayed with the details of your transaction. A copy of this receipt is also sent to the e-mail you provided during the information collection step. Click on the Checkmark Button to return to the Wrongful Dismissal Database Online website in order to retrieve your report (See Viewing and Downloading your report)

It is critical to click the Checkmark button to retrieve your report. This instructs the WDD Online System to generate your report.

The CIS Payment Results Page (click to enlarge)

Logging into the system

Customers who have purchased an annual subscription to the Wrongful Dismissal Database Online can log into the system to access their reports.

You may login to the site at any time by clicking on either the login button found in the site status window to the top right or using the login options provided after generating a valid search.

System Login link (click to enlarge)

Clicking on a Login option opens the Login Dialog window. To login, provide your username (usually your e-mail address) and your password. You also have options to retrieve a forgotten password, change your password, and to set the site to remember you the next time you access the system from this computer. If you wish to have the site remember you, be sure not to logout at the end of your session, simply close the window and you will be automatically logged in each time you access WDD Online.

The Login Dialog Box and Options (click to enlarge)

Viewing and Downloading your report

After you have built your report, the order options screen will is displayed. Reports are personalized to your search results and generated on the fly in secured Adobe PDF format.

Three possible report options are present. View Report opens another window in which you can view your report. To save your report to your local system, use the Save to Disk option from within the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. You can also make limited modifcations to your report using the Rebuild options. To do so, modify your options using the form on the left hand side of the screen and click on Rebuild. Your report will be replaced with the new options and results in place. Finally, if your report was built from a credit card purchase, you can retrieve and print a copy of your purchase receipt by clicking on View Receipt

Report Options (click to enlarge)

Click to view a sample Wrongful Dismissal Database Online Report

If you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you can use the link below to download and install the software.

Link to AdobeReader

Purchasing subscription access to Wrongful Dismissal Database Online

To purchase a subscription to the Wrongful Dismissal Database, click here and complete the request subscription form. This form will be submitted to our order processing team, and you will be contacted over the next 24 hours at either the Contact E-Mail or Phone number you enter to confirm your subscription request and receive a Welcome e-mail.

The Subscription Request form (click to enlarge)

Contacting Support

To request product support, report an error, or request general information regarding the Wrongful Dismissal Database Online system, please use the Contact Form provided to send a message directly to the CogniLore Support team.

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