Wrongful Dismissal Database system Privacy Policy

WDD Legal Inc and CogniLore Inc respect the privacy of our customers' personal information. This includes information collected through written, telephone or online business transactions.

  • What information does Wrongful Dismissal Database Online System collect?
  • What about "cookies"?
  • How is collected information stored?
  • Does WDD Legal Inc or CogniLore Inc share this information with anyone?

What information does the Wrongful Dismissal Database Online system collect?

Customer information may include your name, title, company name, address, contact numbers, credit information, and details regarding your business transactions with us. This information is used to fulfill your requests for products or services, and to advise you of additional offers available.

At no point do we rent, sell or share the information collected through this system with any outside party

You are free to access and search the Wrongful Dismissal Database Online without identifying yourself. Our computer compiles statistics regarding users' behaviour as they navigate through our main website, but it cannot identify you or your address.

While you are free to visit the Wrongful Dismissal Database Online system without identifying yourself, access to a personalized report will require that you identify yourself either through logging into into the site by providing your subscription information or providing sufficient personal information that we may execute a secure credit card transaction online.

What about "cookies"?

When you visit this site, a small file (known as a "cookie") is sent to your web browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. This cookie allows the system to understand the state of your interaction with the site so that you may progress from step to step. You may choose not to accept cookies from any website, and you can set your browser to automatically refuse cookies. Please note, however, that refusing cookies from this sites may result in decreased functionality.

How is collected information stored?

Customer information is maintained in a secure location and can only be accessed by designated staff. All stored information is encrypted and any payment information that is transmitted is protected by 256 bit SSL encryption - the current gold standard for protecting credit card information online. Additionally, each page relating to the provision of transaction information contains a GeoTrust dynamic site seal. To validate our site as protected by GeoTrust SSL, click on the site seal to view certificate information identifying this site as authentic and validated by a trusted third-party.

Does WDD Legal Inc or CogniLore Inc share this information with anyone?

Neither WDD Legal Inc nor CogniLore Inc rent, sell, or share the information collected through this system. For additional information regarding the privacy policies of each company in general or for other systems that they provide, you may access CogniLore's privacy policy here.

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